How to reverse search people, phone number, image, Email, etc.

This how to reverse search guide will delve into the most common reverse look up queries to date. I briefly covered this topic in my previous article on people search. So after writing the most epic article on how to find people free, I decided to expand on the idea of reverse people search.

A reverse search or lookup is when you use certain information you have at hand to find a person. Some of the information you can use can be a phone number, an IP address, a birth date, a picture or an email address. This usually means that you have the piece of information but you don’t know who it belongs to and you are trying to find out who they are. Or you know who the person is but you only have that piece of information to go by your search.

What to expect in this how to reverse lookup guide

In this article, I will help you with ways you can use to do a reverse people search using this information. I provide general information that will help you understand this concept further. In addition, I provide some example people search websites and services you can use (mostly free of charge) to do your search. I also so some walk throughs to follow along and help you kick-start your own searching.

What you need to know first about reverse people lookup

There are generally two broad categories that encompass this how to reverse search topic; first is the type of searches you can run and secondly it is the tools or website you can use. The type of searches include doing a reverse people lookup by name, email address, phone number, by picture, by country, by license plate, by social security number (SSN) and by birthdate. Websites include both general and specialty people search sites.

This is article provides an overview guide on these type of searches and websites. In this website we have more content where we take time to expand on each of these ideas presented here. So once you have gotten a clue on how to do a reverse search online, you can then proceed to getting in depth information about each of the methods.

Type of searches you can use to do a reverse people search online

#1. How to Reverse search by name

To get answers on how to reverse search by name,  you are expected to know/provide the person’s full name (first and last name). A middle name makes it even easier to find the right person. To start your search, you can go to sites like the white pages, yellow pages or spokeo.  When you get to the site, you will find a page similar to the one below. You can then choose your option (‘by name’) and start your search. This search option will need you to also provide the city, town or zip code.

Anywho people search screenshot

#2. Reverse lookup Phone Number

In the past, you could do a reverse number lookup if the number you had was a landline. The few sites that offered the same service for cell phone numbers were a bit pricy. Over the years, a lot of companies and sites started offering this option for free. One of those reverse lookup cell phone number sites is spy dialer. The results you get from this search include; name and address associated with the number, map (of address) and age among others. You have a minimum of 3 searches per day and you don’t even have to become a member to start your reverse search. But you can sign up and contribute to the address book. This site will enable you to find a verizone or any other network cell phone number. Of course there is no way their database is exhaustive. People search is always a probability game.

If the above option does not work or give you the results you want, you can use Facebook. Just take the number at hand and type it in the search bar. If the person linked their Facebook account with their number, then Facebook will show you their profile. You can then use the info you find on the profile to put a face to the number.

Sometimes the results you get from a reverse people search by phone number differ depending on whether you are using a free or paid site. For example, entering the phrase  “reverse lookup phone number white pages” on a search engine will land you on where they offer their reverse people lookup directory for free while public records will charge for the same or more information.

#3.  Find People by their Email Addresses

Email addresses differ according to the person (owner). Most businesses create work emails to avoid employees using their personal emails to communicate with their clients and/or customers. So before you start your search, first determine if the address is a personal or work email. Work emails are much easier to track because once you have the company name, you can use that information to find the person. A personal email on the other hand may not be easy to track. One of the sites that you can use to do this search free of charge is That’s Them.

If this search doesn’t yield the results you want, you can try their advanced search. To do this search you will need extra information (you can use some of the info from the first search), such as; first, middle and last name, the email address, phone number, street address, state, city and zip code.

#4. Find Someone by Using their Picture

Even though there are a number of sites that will allow you to search for a person using an image, you should note that you can only get results if the photo you are using has been uploaded somewhere online. Google images, for example, will let you paste the picture (photo URL) in their search index and search. If the picture has been indexed by Google, then it will show up in the search results with similar images. You can then click on the results and get the information you are looking for.

google reverse search by image

To do this reverse search images on Google images, you choose the ‘search by image’ option that will let you either paste the image URL or upload the image. If the picture was never uploaded online, you can use picture details to try and get more information, i.e. the background to see where picture was taken. There are a lot more websites on how to reverse search using a photo e.g. has nearly 17 billion images to check against. Google even offers a mobile based reverse image search where you can find an original source of an image or photo on Android phones, iPhone or iPad – see it here:

#5. Locate Someone by their IP Address

Can someone find me using my IP address? The answer is both yes and no. If someone were to use an IP address (and nothing else) to try and find you, the best they can find is the town, region or city you are in when using the internet. This means that they will not get any specific info about you (who is using the computer) but only info about your online connection (where that computer is).

But if a user is doing something illegal (according to the laws), the law enforcement can obtain a name and exact address from an IP address from your ISP (internet service provider). Since there are privacy policies preventing just about anyone getting this information, the law enforcement would have to produce legal backing documents to get this information.

#6. How to reverse search a Person by Country

Searching for a person in another country is no different than searching for a person in your country. You will use the same methods you would use, like, their name, address or any other information you have on the person. But if you really want to use the person’s country to find them, you can start by telling Google the country (how to find someone in Canada). Google will then list all the related search engines associated with the country. In this example, you would get websites like

Some of the websites adapt their sites to most countries. An example of this is If you want to do a search for a person in Australia, you can simply go to the Australian version; Or if you want to find someone in the UK, you can go to their white pages version,

#7. Find a Person by their License Plate

Can I find a person using their license plate number? The answer to that question is yes, but the process to actually getting the information you want is not a short or even easy one. A lot of sites will say that you can use their search engines to get this information, but if you want real, valid data, you have to probably follow/use the long way.

If you want the license plate’s registered user’s information for valid reasons, you can go to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) in the state where the license plate was issued. They will give you the laws (for pursuing this data), the forms that you will need and probably fees related to it. You can also get the forms online (on the DMV website).

After submitting the forms, you then have to wait for your request to be approved. The approval may take 1 to 15 days (business days). If approved, the information may be delivered by mail or email. This is one of the longest ways to go about your search, but you can trust the information you will receive.

#8.  Find Someone Using their Social Security Number

Before you start your search, first check if the social security number you have is valid. You can do that by going to the social security administration website. Once you are sure that the SSN you have is valid, you can then go to sites like to do your search. But note that this site requires you to have a first and last name with the social security number to do the search. The results include info like criminal records and contact details among others.

If this search does not yield any results, you can then opt to use the person’s name (full name), and state or city to do the search. If you are not sure of the state, just check the first 3 numbers of their SSN (the first 3 digits of a social security number reveal the state where it was issued). You can then use the details you get from that search to find the person you want.

#9.  Find a Person by their Date of Birth

How to reverse search DOB is yet another way to find a person. This usually means that you want to find a certain person for a certain reason, but the only information you have on them is their birthday. One of the few sites that will let you do your search is

Even though when you get to the page (on the D.O.B section) there are many variables/fields that need to filled in, ignore the others and just fill in the date of birth (that is if you only have the date of birth). If you do have the other information, you can use it as well.

The site will give you basic results but will charge you for the comprehensive report. The basic report comprises of the person’s name (anyone born on the date that you entered), cities resided (but you have to pay to see unique addresses and phone numbers) and possible relatives or affiliations.

These are some of the reverse search methods that you can use.

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