Using free whitepages to find a person you are looking for

Don’t you hate it when you read a post full of promises to give you ways to find people, only to leave you clueless and confused? Well, in this post, I will try my best to be clear and get straight to the point. In the numerous ways available that can be used to do a people search, I will talk about how you can use free whitepages to find the person you are looking for.

I will break down this search into 5 sections (with 5 subtopics). These sections will be on the types of whitepages searches that can be done.

Quick facts about whitepages

  • They receive about 55 million users every month
  • They ccount for more than 90% of free people searches in North America
  • Whitepages has developed its own Identity Graph database which has more than 5 billion global identity records

Free whitepages person search

The first option of the 5 is the person search. This is simply a reverse name search (search by name). As I have stated in my previous posts (you can check them out here), to do this search, you will need to have in your possession the full name and location. You can add a middle name to the full name to narrow down your search. This will also help you avoid having to sift through numerous results. The location may be a city, state or zip code.

Before we do one example together to see how the site works, I need to make something clear. You can use a last name alone to do this search to find a person. You’re confused? Let me explain. If you only have a last name, you can type it in the search bar and search and you WILL get results. I do advise that you use the person’s full name to narrow down your search. A lot of people share the same last name, so you can imagine the results you would have to look through for the last name you will use.

For example; let’s say you have the last name Michaelson to search with. In the US there are about 4 543 people with that last name. This means that you have to go through 4 543 names till you find the right one. But if you had a first name, (for example Kelly), there are about 8 people with the full name Kelly Michaelson.

Now let’s try to find a Kelly Michaelson from New York.

White pages full name person search














The example above shows that you will only get 2 results for your search as compared to the million Michaelsons you would have gotten had you used a last name alone. To view more details, you can click on ‘view free details’.

White pages full name search results

This free whitepages search will only give you the results in the image above. For additional data, you can try the premium search.

Free whitepages reverse phone search

A reverse phone lookup, as you know, is using a phone number to try to find who it belongs to.  Before you even go to a white pages phone book, you can use some of the clues in a phone number to determine who owns it. The first three numbers of a landline number is the area code. For example, if the number starts with 406 it may be a Montana number and 405 may be Oklahoma City.  If you don’t know the area codes, you can see them here.

Once you know the state or area where the person is, you can start your search on whitepages. To start the search, you have to choose the reverse phone option.

Free whitepages reverse phone search

You can then paste the number in the search bar to start your search. Note though that this search, unlike the reverse name search, won’t give you much information. The free search will not give you the name of the person who owns the number. It will, though, verify if the number is real, its provider and whether it’s a business or personal number. Your results will look like the ones below:

Reverse phone search results

This site also helps with the spam level. That is, if the caller is valid or not. See image below;

Reverse phone search spam level

Reverse address search

This reverse address lookup is NOT an email address search but a residential address search. So if you have an email address, this is not the search option you should be trying. To be able to start your search, you have to also provide a city, state or zip code with the address you have.

To start the search, you have to choose the ‘reverse address’ option.

Free whitepages reverse address search

In this example below, I decided to enter the address with the zip code.

Whitepages reverse address search

The results will include people associated with the address.

Whitepages reverse address search results

Also included is a map for directions.

Reverse address search map

To get more info than provided above, you have to use the premium option where you have to pay a fee to see the results.

Free whitepages business search

For the whitespages business search, the search and results are derived from yellowpages. This search, as you know, will need you to know the business name. From this search you will get contact information, directions to the business location as well as similar businesses in the area.

To start, you have to choose the ‘business’ option. You will be asked to put in the business name and location.

Free whitepages business search

The results will look like the image below.

Free whitepages business search results

If you click on ‘view details’ you will get a page with more data, like the one below.

Free whitepages business search results continued

You can also see a list of nearby businesses and other businesses in the location.

Business search-nearby business

If you don’t know the name of the business, you can use the category. For example, you want a motel in New York but have forgotten the name of the certain motel, you can still do your free whitepages search. The only problem you may come across is that the results will comprise of all registered motels in the address given (in this case New York city). This means you have to look through about 5 000 motels to find the one you want.

Free whitepages public records search (premium)

To do a public records search on white pages, you need to sign up for their premium options. Also do note that this service is only available to persons in the United States. So if you are outside the States, you will not be able to access this service service (unless you know how to trick whitepages and hide your IP J).

Using this option will give you access to more information like full contact details, criminal records and bankruptcy records among others. For example, a background search will give you information like;

  • Contact details
  • Birthdate and age
  • Aliases
  • Arrests and warrants
  • Criminal offenses
  • Family members and associates
  • Cell phone carrier
  • Past addresses
  • Property assessments and deeds
  • Current and past properties
  • Licenses and permits
  • Bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • Liens and judgments

If you want to start your search here, you have to fill in two fields, the name and city or state.

Free whitepages public records search

Above is an example of what your search will look like. In this example though, I can’t continue with the search (because I haven’t signed up for the premium search option). But I will show you an example of what the search results report looks like. But before I show you the results, let us first look at the sign up page (or the next page that appears if I choose to continue with my search without signing up).

Whitepages premium

The image above clearly shows that you have to pay to see the report. If you can afford this service, you can choose your preferred payment plan and then provide your payment details.

Now in the following image is an example of a background report. The example report is for a Hector Alfredo Lecter. It is divided into 6 parts; I will show you an image for each field.

The first is the ‘contact info’ field

Whitepages premium-contact info

The ‘criminal records’ field;

Whitepages premium-criminal records

Before you use the information, please read the ‘please note before reviewing these records’ highlight (see red arrow).

The ‘bankruptcies’ field;

Whitepages premium-backruptcies Whitepages premium-backruptcies continued

The ‘liens and judgment’ field;

Whitepages premium-liens and judgment

‘Properties’ field;

Whitepages premium-properties

Tax and assessment information and owner details (part of properties);

Whitepages premium-tax and assessment

Licenses’ field (last available option);

Whitepages premium-licenses

License details, pilot ratings and professional license (part of licenses option);

Whitepages premium-license details

These are the only options they provide in this example report. At the bottom is a note that you SHOULD read before you decide to use the information provided in the report.
Whitepages premium-note

The premium search also gives you the option to monitor the person you are searching for. In the example above for Hector Alfredo Lecter, this is what it looks like;

Whitepages premium-monitored

Now that you have read these 5 free whitepages search options, it’s time for you to try the search (as I did) and see if it will not give you the results you want.


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