How to find a person by name

Are you trying to do a reverse search to find a person by name? Are you tired of reading through articles only to get the run around? Being given empty promises and false hope only to be left hanging? In the post below, I will give you the information you have been promised numerous times before but never received.

My name is

How to find a person by name? This is one of the most common searches online. I will say that as common as it is, it is one of the most stressful searches you will do. Do you know how many people share the same name in the US alone?

Let’s say you are looking for a person called Samantha Johnson; there are about 1,384 (as shown in the image below) people with the same name. And if you have a partial name (either a first name or last name), your chance of finding the right person becomes slimmer. With about 200,971 people with the first name Samantha and 2,231,571 people with the last name Johnson, having any other data will help your chances of finding the person you want.

Who has my name search

Don’t lose hope yet. In this post, I will point out some of the options that you can try. These options have been used and they have delivered the desired results. As you read through or even try these methods, you will notice that others won’t give you ‘all’ the information you want. –The trick is to use some of the information you got from other people search options. These may be reverse search email or phone number; that way, you will never be stuck.

Use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

Social networks have become so popular, that everyone is signed up in at least one social networking site. Facebook alone has about 1.79 billion active users every month (as of the third quarter of 2016). I can go on and on about the stats of all the social networks, but I think you get the gist. If they have such high numbers, then it is highly possible that the person you are looking for is in at least one of them. This means that you can do a person search by name using social media networks.

Now the hassle comes with knowing which network to start with. You can start with the most common ones like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. This route may take longer, that is, moving from site to site and sifting through numerous results.

You can use a site that has collective results for almost all social networks. This route is much simpler and will give you the results you need. Social searcher is free to use (but they do have premium options that may interest you).

You type in the name you have at hand and you will get results of the name you put in. The results are profiles and activity of the person on all the social networks that are tracked. These social networks include;

  • Twitter
  • Redit
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Vine
  • Vimeo

Use search engines to find a person by name

I know you have read so many times about how you can use search engines as a people finder. I will try to make it as brief and simple as I can. Google, yahoo, Bing and numerous other search engines can actually be used if you want to find a person by name.

  1. Type in the name in the search engine (include middle name)
  2. Press search key to start search
  3. Go through results returned
  4. Go to images (to find a picture you may recognize of the person you want)
  5. Try the other tabs to see relevant info of the person

I expanded more on this option on my previous post – how to find people free.

Finding a person online depends on the person’s online trail. This simply means that the person you want should, at some point in time, have used the internet where they entered their information, including their full name.

You may run into trouble/problems if that someone you want uses a pseudonym for their online activity. If you know the person well enough to guess what those aliases could be, then you can start your search.  But if you have done all you can with the full name and you still don’t get anything, you can try to figure out the person’s aliases.

When people create pseudonyms, they usually do the following:
– Use middle names (or middle names as initials) (e.g. John Tom Charles Brown would be John T.C Brown)
– Use their name’s initials (e.g. Elizabeth Cynthia Smith could be E.C.S)
– Translate names to a different language (e.g. Hope would be Esperanza)
–  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Combine names (e.g. Kohl Sonics could be Kohlson)

Using some of the clues I just stated, you can figure out what those aliases are.

Use people search websites

The last option we will talk about is using people search websites to locate a person (using a name). When using websites made specifically to locate people, you have two options:
(i) Free search sites (ii) Paid search sites

In the past, most of the sites used to advertise their free services only to let you do the search for free and then show you payment options instead of the results. Over the years, they have learnt to ‘throw a bone or two’. That is, they offer the free search and then give you some of the information, which is usually; the name, age, address (previous and present) and associations (people they may be related to) and charge you for ‘more details’.

Some of the information you get may not be usable on their own, but take that info, do another search and ‘viola’ problem solved. Below, I will talk about the different sites that you can use to do this search.

List of people search engines and how they work

  • – this site requires that you use the name (full name) and location to do your search. The results you’ll get will include other known names of the person, their residence, their previous residence and relations (people they are related to). If that is not enough, you can then move on to their premium services. The premium services, where you have to pay to access the results, will provide more information that you can actually use such the phone number and email address.
    In the example below I did not add the city, which is why the ‘filter by state’ option was included, so you can choose the state if you know it. But I do advice that you add the state before you start your search (in the search bar) if you know it.

White pages people search

  • – to start your search, you have to provide the person’s first and last name (if you have a middle name you should include it) and their place of residence. As part of the results, you will get their age, where they live, along with places they lived and their employment.In the example below, I highlighted (in yellow) the sponsored links in the middle where you can do your search and get more info as mentioned. Also notice that the pictures were sourced from Facebook (circled in red), which means that if you know what the person looks like, then you will definitely find them on this site. This may also mean that the social media search (refer to paragraphs above) may be the other way to go for your search.

Pipl people search

  • – with, you can either do a white pages or a yellow pages search (to find a person by name). This means that to do the search, you will have to follow the same steps as the white pages search stated above.
    The results are provided by Intelius (circled in red). This site also provides maps and driving instructions (highlighted in yellow).

Anywhoo people search by name

  • –, like the above mentioned sites, needs a full name and location to do a search to find a person by name. The results from this search include the full name, age, present and previous places of residence and relatives or associations.
    Highlighted below is the full report. If you click on the ‘view full report’ the link will take you to white pages premium where you can view more data such as the phone number and address.

411 people search by name

  • – to begin the search to find a person by name, you have to put in the first, middle and last name and the location. After searching through billions of public records, intelius will give you the age, residence and relations.
    To go to their premium services, you have to click the ‘get more details’ option (circled in red). That is where you will get more data on the name you are searching for like, the birth date, phone number and address (highlighted in yellow).

Intelius people search by name


After reading this post, I am certain you will be ready to find a person by name. One last thing to note is that you can still start your reverse name lookup even if you only have a last name. The last name is the only requirement to start a reverse people search by name.

I advise that you also add the first name though to narrow down your search. Imagine the number of people you will get back for a search for a ‘Smith’ in the whole database; your results would include all people that match the name ‘Smith’ in the US. You can see more posts on this subject (people search) on our site.

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